About us

Mark Buchl – Developer

Mark is a lifetime motivator. Mark has consistently lead his 24 Hour Fitness teams to President’s Club performances. Mark founded “Momentivation”, (a direct sale company) and built it from one location to 14 locations across four states within the first 14 months in business, generating over 7 million dollars in sales.  Most recently as a regional sales manager for Comcast Business lead his team to 3 State Sales Championships in a row and developed the regions first President’s Club winner.  All of these were accomplished with the common denominator of teaching a “Mindset Matters… Action Required” philosophy.  The key to getting the best out of each employee was to help the employee be their best person.  Personal success in what was important to each employee also transformed them into the best sales people.  After much success with Marks personal sales teams now BwellAware is available to everyone with the BwellAware program where “Mindset Matters… Action Required”.

Brad Stewart – Developer

A lifetime believer in the ‘power of positive thinking’ Brad has trained hundreds of employees in the restaurant industry while working a Service Trainer for new restaurant openings in British Columbia – helping re-write the training materials to better reach out to the staff. While working in Japan as an English teacher, Brad developed teaching aids revolving around inspiring more engagement from his students while also bring a sense of fun to the class materials. The success of these teaching materials subsequently led to Brad teaching these methods to his fellow teachers. Working with Mark, Brad brings his coaching and teaching design experience into helping make BwellAware “Mindset Matters… Action Required” a system that is accessible, fun and full of positive results!


PROvisors are specialists in a specific field.  The BwellAware program is run by Advisors who guide the weekly accountability and lesson plan.  Should a student need very specific support, it is recommended to incorporate a specialist into your learning and practicing to BwellAware.

PROvisors may be guest lectures on a weekly call to enforce the understanding of a particular set of habits around the wellness topic of the week.   For example, Bugra Bakkan a fiduciary money manager gave tips to enhance habits around making, saving and investing money.

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