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Group Development and DISC Assessment

Mile High Tide has partnered with Asentiv, a global company who delivers a unique DISC Behavioral Assessment called Network and Communicate With Ease. This program helps employees to better understand how to communicate with clients and coworkers effectively in a fun and engaging format.

BwellAware 10 Week Program

Classes are 1 hour a week for 10 weeks, with group accountability and homework assigned throughout to help participants become more aware and assist them in reaching their goals. Classes are ongoing Contact Us for when the next classes will be available!

Mile High Tide Program

Mile High Tide is an Employee Potential Program that taps into the employee in a holistic fashion to increase engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.  The goal of MHT is to reduce turnover and increase productivity.

The goal of applying MHT to your business is “Before you fire or hire, rewire!”.

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