They say perspective is everything.  Well, sitting in your house and thinking that your garden is awesome while weeds are taking over your tomatoes is not going to get it done.  You must take action.  The philosophy of Mindset Matters…Action Required combines the two qualities that will give you the awesome garden you desire (and just about anything else for that matter).

Mindset Matters is our perspective which is based in Neuro-plasticity and the way our brains and thoughts are wired.  Action Required are the habits that make up our character and therefor our destiny.  These two components combine to literally create the life we experience.  Charles Duhigg, the #1 bestselling author of “The Habit Loop” states that almost half of all our actions are unconscious.  This is fine as long as those actions result in a healthy and positive outcome.  The danger is when we are unconsciously sabotaging ourselves with limited thoughts and harmful habitual practices.  To BwellAware is to become aware of these unconscious habits that are undermining our ability to experience fulfillment and redirect our thoughts and actions in a productive way to create experiences that are fulfilling, rewarding and plain fun.  This takes a strategy, this takes practice, this takes support all of which can be found in the BwellAware program.


So perspective isn’t everything, it’s only half of the equation.  The saying really should read, “Armed with the right mindset, go forth and take action”.


Start with the tomatoes.