Based on my experiences with the bwellaware program I feel it gives individuals and companies the tools and support to move their own needles.  Mark is very passionate about his concepts and I know his various work teams over the years have greatly improved their efficiencies, production numbers, sales, etc. utilizing his management guidance and processes. 

Personally, I enjoyed the 12-week course.  I truly believe that the more you put into something…the more you will get!  If someone gives 110%, the law of change will be able to take root and grow so that you continue in a positive trajectory.  The course has several great mechanisms to gauge/grade your progress throughout.  It was a thought provoking and learning experience!  I’m continuing to practice and work on three key areas that I wanted to improve upon, so am currently keeping myself on point.  And…if I fall off a bit…I feel I have some great tools to get myself (re)motivated and (re)focused.