During the course of your career and at some point during your life you will meet someone that will have an everlasting impact. For me, that person is Mark Buchl. He took a chance on me during a time when I was not at my best, I was faltering and dealing with many hardships both personal and professional. Mark took me under his wing and turned my life and my career around. In a very short turnaround time I was one of the top Sales Executives in the country for Comcast Business and was promoted to a Senior Executive role. Fast forward 3 year later and I am delivering some of the highest revenue numbers for the biggest Telco Company in the country. I owe all of my success to Mark,

Mark has a gift! That gift is the ability to see people for their true potential. Mark carved out and developed an incredible sales team in the North Bay. Our team did not have the best market, in fact we had the one of the worst markets for business development however, our team consistently ranked top 5 in the nation, consistently outperforming other teams in superior markets.

As our coach, our fearless leader and our friend. I thank Mark for the positive impact he made in my life and for bringing out the best of me.

I recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for help in their professional career and personal development. If you are already successful, Mark will find a way to push you above and beyond. Mark is a one of a kind leader and mentor who he will leave a lasting impact in your life.